A Message from the Chairman

I think it is fair to say that 2020 will go down in the record books as a most challenging year.  But I am delighted to report that, here at Murphy & McGonigle, we met every challenge with compassion and resolve.  And we delivered for our most important constituencies: Our People, Our Clients and Our Communities.

In March, we re-engineered our law firm to a fully work-from-home operational model.  Our IT and admin teams proved once again that they are the best in the business.  We adapted rapidly to changing conditions and continued to deliver world-class service to our clients without missing a beat.

We kept faith with Our People by putting their health and safety first.  Notwithstanding the economic uncertainties, we chose not to lay off or cut the pay of a single staff member or associate.

With various shut down orders in place across the country, we found new avenues to serve Our Communities in a time of great need, including fighting for compassionate release for the most vulnerable among the incarcerated population.  We redoubled our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion in a number of ways, including by signing on to the new Mansfield Rule for Midsize Law Firms.

In the midst of all the challenges of 2020, we seized opportunities we saw in the marketplace.  This is in our DNA.  We opened new offices in San Francisco and Chicago this year.  We found outstanding partners in Mauricio Beuglemans and Harris Kay to lead the charge in San Francisco and Chicago, respectively.  We are gratified by the wonderful reception we have already received from clients.  And we look forward to building an All-Star team of legal talent in each of these markets.  

In June, we celebrated our firm's Ten Year Anniversary.  Ten years ago, we opened our doors with little more than an entrepreneur's optimism and a few core values.  One of those core values was the commitment to maintaining a high bar for talent.  I am pleased to say that, after ten years, we have stayed true to those core values.  And the results have been beyond anything we could have imagined.  We were recently informed by U.S. News & World Report that Murphy & McGonigle has been chosen the "Law Firm of the Year" in Securities Regulation for 2021.  We are the first boutique law firm in the country to receive this accolade!  It is a remarkable affirmation of our law firm model and those core values to which we all committed when we opened our doors just ten years ago.  

Most of all we are grateful for Our Clients, who continue to place their trust and confidence in us by calling on our team to handle some of their most complex and sensitive legal matters.  We never lose sight of the fact that we must earn that trust and confidence every day.

On behalf of all the lawyers and staff at Murphy & McGonigle, we thank you sincerely for your continued support.

James Murphy Signature

James A. Murphy, Chairman